5 apps I wouldn’t live without


It might be a slight exaggeration to say I wouldn’t live without these apps. However, I use them on a daily basis and they help me stay balanced, focused, organized and inspired.

Insight timer
Insight timer is a mediation app. It is very simple and allows you to set a desired time to meditate. It will start off your meditation and let you know when time is up with the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. It keeps statistics so you can keep track of your daily practice. It makes it so easy to begin the day with a meditation session, and I love the beautiful sounds it displays. My daily meditation practice is essential for me to keep a balanced life and reducing the feeling of stress.

In some ways I am still quite old fashioned. I like to write things by hand; like to-do lists, and I especially enjoy crossing the tasks of when done. With Task I can get the same feeling of accomplishment by swiping the task of the list when done. This app has a very simple layout, and you can list all your activities on the days you plan to do them.

With Toggl I track the time of the tasks I work on during the day. I can name the the task, assign it to a specific project, and it will be listed with the time spent and the exact time and date it was done. This way I can se the actual time spent on individual tasks for one project, and I can even send a report off to a client, showing the time I have spent on his projects.

I use downcast to manage my podcast subscriptions. I can easily discover new podcast by browsing through the topic listing. I enjoy listening to podcasts to get inspiration, learn new things and get ideas. It’s a great way to give your eyes – who are constantly at work otherwise – a break, or to fuel your creativity by drawing while listening to a podcast. Love it.

I like photography and all things visual, so this is a perfect app. I just recently discovered it, but it is a great place to look at beautiful photographs, get inspired, edit your own pocket shots, and share images on different social media platforms.

Which apps do you use everyday?