I know that as a small business owner or private practice professional you have more tasks that you can take on yourself. Communication and repetitive tasks take up a lot of the time you could use on actually developing and expanding your business. By passing on some of the routine driven tasks to me, you will be less stressed and have more time to be engaged with your core activities – and thereby continue growing; businesswise, financially and personally!

10 reasons to hire a virtual assistant
No extra office space or equipment costs
No employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits to pay
Get more time to focus on what you do the best
Let someone else do the time consuming, repetitive tasks
Get her do the groundwork and you have time to make the correct decisions
Get free time to develop and create a more thriving business
Optimize your potential for growth and maximize your profit
Get a helping hand so you can rest and avoid burnout
Get more time – whether for work, life or play
Work smarter, not harder!

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“Every day I receive more emails, requests for phone calls, and everything else than I know what to do with. This used to be a point of pride, but over time it quickly became difficult to keep up with it all—until I hired Luise to help me out.

After bringing Luise on board, I very quickly realized that she was someone I could trust with my most important work. Today, Luise helps me out with everything from managing my calendar, booking calls with multiple people across timezones, loading tweets and blog posts, researching travel destinations, performing website maintenance, and even helping me prepare the odd contract or two.

Luise deeply understands my business, and just as important, she understands the unique value she can bring in supporting it. I would recommend Luise’s services without reservations.”                

Chris Bailey, A life of Productivity 

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